Liveability how to achieve it

Achieving livability

Creating livability in your surroundings can be found these days in many new apartment complexes which create a microcosm environment for their residents.

Livability is an experience that should form the basis of any living space.

Livability comprises of a range of factors including lifestyle, life-cycle, comfort, sustainability and affordability.

People seek different livability options inside and out depending on their life circumstances and the time of their life they are in.

Australian Property Management Strata Group Manager Esin Falvo says these factors are becoming attractive to owners and residents when they choose inner city living, high rise apartment blocks as their home of choice.

“During the 60s and 70s the high rise inner city apartment resembled more a brutalist style with small windows and a concrete rectangle with little socialising space incorporated into the buildings and joined by narrow hallways and entries to each floor” Ms Falvo says.

“Nowadays developers are incorporating the expert design services of global professionals in space and livability before starting any new build to ensure the maximum gain is achieved in lighting and space and making the surrounding environment as much part of the design as possible.”

Esin Falvo says the inner city apartments managed  by Australian Property Management across inner city Melbourne offer their own unique, livability features.

“They’re all different, but they are all at the cutting edge of providing residents the livability they seek in a city that offers all the modern conveniences the modern single, couple or family is looking for.”

Livability delivers transformational spaces and experiences.  It’s about the life it will give you and creating a great lifestyle where you live while taking into account affordability, which includes reduced running costs.

Previously, the ‘afford to buy’ factor was most important in all residential purchases, but in recent years ‘afford to live in’ has become much more important and increases the appeal of a property to potential buyers.

Natural attributes play an important design role in achieving livability. The area, the orientation of a building and the amount of shade or sun determine energy efficiency factors including solar photovoltaic systems, window size and types, density of building materials, cross-ventilation, insulation, use of shading or sun controls are all important in creating livability.

Features such as the design of rooms and open plan areas, efficient heating and cooling devices, energy efficient lighting, efficient hot water systems and laundry equipment, and water efficient devices also contribute to improved livability.

Location and community accessibility are also important factors in the overall equation.

So when thinking about the next place you want to live in or buy, think about what livability you want to have and consider all these factors when choosing your next home in one of Melbourne’s bourgeoning inner city high rise apartments.

Let one of the knowledgeable team at Australian Property Management introduce you to your new investment that offers outstanding livability.